UArizona Majors & Astrobiology

Connections to Astrobiology

These majors at UArizona are more connected to astrobiology than you might know!

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory offers an undergraduate astrobiology minor 

Agricultural Studies
AB Connection : Developing sustainable life support systems outside of Earth.
UA Major : Agricultural System Management, Agricultural Technology Management and Education : Leadership and Communication Emphasis

Arts and Media
AB Connection : Creative expression through arts and media is a powerful tool for communicating scientific concepts and public engagement.
UA Major : Art and Visual Culture Education, Design Arts and Practice: Object Design Emphasis, Spatial Design Emphasis, Studies of Global Media, Studio Art: 3D and Extended Media Emphasis

Communication, Journalism and Public Relations 
AB Connection : Communication is essential to share scientific discoveries, build public awareness, and facilitate collaboration.
UA Major : Journalism : Broadcast Journalism Emphasis, Public Relations

English and Literature
AB Connection : Proficiency in language and literature enhances the ability to make complex concepts more accessible to a wider audience.
UA Majors: Professional and Technical Writing, Deaf Studies: Educational Interpreting Emphasis

Animal and Vet Science 
AB Connection : Understanding animal biology provides insights into the adaptability and survival strategies of different species.
UA Major: Vet Science: Applied Animal Behavior Emphasis, Animal Sciences: Science and Pre-professional Emphasis

Architecture, Planning & Development
AB Connection: Designing sustainable habitats and infrastructure is crucial for the future of space exploration and the understanding and support of life beyond Earth. 
UA Major: Architectural Engineering, Sustainable Built Environments, Sustainable Plant Systems : Controlled Environment Agriculture Emphasis, Sustainable Communities Emphasis, Sustainable Buildings Emphasis

Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship 
AB Connection: Entrepreneurial skills are essential to advancing through the development of innovative technologies and sustainable business models. 
UA Major : Management Information Systems, Business Management, Business Economics

Environment & Sustainability 
AB Connection: Examining Earth as a model for habitability and searching for life-supporting conditions in other planets. 
UA Major : Environmental Science : The Biosphere Emphasis, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences : Environmental Hydrology and Water Resource Emphasis

Health, Nutrition & Fitness
AB Connection:Knowledge of health, nutrition and fitness is essential for understanding how to sustain life in different environments. 
UA Major : Food Studies, Nutritional Sciences: Nutrition Emphasis, Precision Nutrition and Wellness, Physiology and Medical Sciences: Exercise and Extreme Physiology 

Engineering & Technology 
AB Connection: Advancements in engineering are crucial to developing instruments, spacecrafts and habitats to support life elsewhere.
UA Major : Biosystems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Software Engineering  

Education and Human Development 
AB Connection: Astrobiology education is crucial to foster a better understanding of life's origins, evolution, and life beyond earth. This contributes to human development and aspiring generations ahead. 
UA Major : Leadership, Learning and Innovation, Rehabilitation Studies and Services, Deaf Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies 
AB Connection: Examining philosophical and ethical implications of astrobiology encourages discussion about the nature of life, and our place in the universe. 
UA Major : Philosophy: Ethics Emphasis, Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law, World Literature, Religious Studies , Neuroscience and Cognitive Science: Philosophy of Mind Emphasis


Psychology & Human Behavior
AB Connection: Understanding human behavior gives us insight from a psychological perspective on how to plan missions and ensure the well-being of space explorers.
UA Major :  Care, Health and Society, Gender and Women's Studies, Human Development and Family Science, Sociology


Mathematics, Statistics & Data Science 
AB Connection: Mathematics and data science is crucial in interpreting and recognizing patterns and trends in data collected both on earth and during exploration beyond earth. 
UA Major : Computer Science, Cyber Operations: Cyber Engineering Emphasis, Mathematics: Computer Science, Mathematics : Life Sciences Emphasis, Mathematics: Probability and Statistics Emphasis 


Culture & Language 
AB Connection: Cultural and linguistic awareness and diversity is crucial when considering international partnerships and communicating to diverse audiences, incorporating indigenous and other cultural knowledge about life, space and the universe, and lastly, imagining ways we might communicate or interact with beyond earth organisms. 
UA Major : Linguistics: Languages Emphasis, Geosciences and Society: Science Communication Emphasis, Molecular and Cellular Biology: Education and Communication Emphasis, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Emphasis


Earth Sciences/Geoscience
AB Connection: By examining our planet’s geological and environmental history to understand conditions that support life and where to look for life. 
UA Major : Geology, Planetary Geoscience, Geosciences: Earth, Ocean, and Climate Emphasis, Physics, Astronomy, Geoscience: Geophysics


Physics & Astronomy
AB Connection: Astronomy looks into the past of our universe to help us understand how celestial bodies and cosmic events create fundamental elements  of life.
UA Major : Astronomy, Physics, Optical Sciences & Engineering, Planetary Geoscience


AB Connection: Understanding the foundational chemical compounds that make up life is crucial to understanding the building blocks of life and where we come from. 
UA Major : Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology : Genetics and Human Health Emphasis


AB Connection: The study of living organisms and their experience and their environments is crucial to understanding the function of cells and their behavior. Biology guides the search for potential life outside Earth by understanding the requirements and characteristics of living organisms.
UA Major : Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology 


Social & Behavioral Science
AB Connection: These are crucial to understand the societal impact of astrobiology. Including public perception, ethical considerations and political implications. 
UA Major : Anthropology: Archeological Science Emphasis, Communication, Gender and Women's Studies, Linguistics


Law, Policy & Social Justice 
AB Connection: Legal and policy frameworks are important in ensuring the responsibility of space exploration as well as pressing social justice issues related to access and benefits of space explorations. 
UA Major : Law, Geoscience and Society: Law Emphasis, Philosophy, Politics, Economic and Law, Cyber Operations: Cyber Law Policy Emphasis