Astrobiology Journal Club

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Additional Materials

Jan 16

Rescheduled for Dr Dante Lauretta's Talk

Unlocking the Secrets of the Solar System: OSIRIS-REx and the Bennu Samples

Co-covened with LPL Colloquium 

Jan 23

SoRi La

The role of mitochondrial energetics in the origin and diversification of eukaryotes


Jan 30

Rescheduled for Dr Lori Glaze's Talk

Planetary Science Town Hall

Co-covened with LPL Colloquium 

Feb 6

Sam Nasreldine

Modeling Subsurface Biospheres on Icy Moons: Implications for Detection Via Future Exploration


Feb 9

Dr. Penelope Boston

Cave Microbiology and the History of Astrobiology


Feb 13

Mruthyunjay Kubendran Sumathi

Investigating Thermal Adaptation in Organisms: Insights from Astrobiology's Energy-Centric Approach


Feb 20

Dr Tessa Fisher



Feb 27




Mar 5

Spring Break



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Mar 19

Nathan Hadland



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