Dániel Apai

Exoplanets: Discovery, Characterization, Formation, Habitability

LPL Profile
Distant Earths

Victor Baker

Planetary surfaces, Geomorphology

LPL Profile

Shane Byrne

Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces

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Byrne Website

Laird Close

Direct imaging of exoplanets, High contrast imaging, Instrumentation

AS Profile
Close Website

Solange Duhamel

Life in extreme environments, oceanic environments and hydrothermal systems

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Duhamel Lab

Josh Eisner

Interferometry, Protoplanetary Disks

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Eisner Website

Ryan Gutenkunst

Cell signaling and population genetics

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Guten Group Website

Olivier Guyon

Adaptive Optics, Astronomical Instrumentation

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Christopher Hamilton

Planetary surfaces, Volcanology, Astrobiology

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Hamilton Group

Chris Impey

Astrobiology Education and Outreach, Cosmology

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Renu Malhotra

Orbital dynamics, Theoretical astrophysics

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Malhotra Website

Joanna Masel

Early life, protein evolution, evolutionary theory

EEB Profile

Isamu Matsuyama

Planetary interiors, Theoretical modeling

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Alfred McEwen

Planetary geology

LPL Profile

Ilaria Pascucci

Protoplanetary Disks, Planet Formation

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Pascucci Website

Edward Prather

Education Research

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Sukrit Ranjan

Exoplanets, Planetary Formation, Atmospheres, Astrophysics

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Ranjan Website

Tyler Robinson

Exoplanets, Planetary Formation and Evolution

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Joellen Russell

Biogeochemical Dynamics

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BGDL Website

Neville Woolf

Astrobiology, Galactic Astronomy and Star Formation, Instrumentation

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Roger Yelle

Planetary atmospheres, Exoplanets

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Yelle Website

Tom Zega

Cosmochemistry, Planetary Materials

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Lucy Ziurys

Astrochemistry, Radio Astronomy

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Ziurys Group