AABC Members

Dániel Apai

Exoplanets: Discovery, Characterization, Formation, Habitability

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Distant Earths

Victor Baker

Planetary surfaces, Geomorphology

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Jessica Barnes

Cosmochemistry, Lunar Studies, Planetary Analogs

Shane Byrne

Planetary Analogs, Planetary Geophysics, Planetary Surfaces

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Byrne Website

Sara P Chavarria

Student retention, low income student retention, low income student support, first generation students, access, inclusion, diversity

Laird Close

Direct imaging of exoplanets, High contrast imaging, Instrumentation

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Close Website

Dani Mendoza DellaGiustina

Earth, planetary sciences, planetary geophysics, planetary surfaces, small bodies

Solange Duhamel

Life in extreme environments, oceanic environments and hydrothermal systems

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Duhamel Lab

Josh Eisner

Interferometry, Protoplanetary Disks

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Eisner Website

Rogelio Garcia


Virginia Gulick

Planetary Surfaces, Geomorphology, Planetary Analogs, Hydrothermal Systems

Olivier Guyon

Adaptive Optics, Astronomical Instrumentation

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Pierre Haenecour

Astrobiology, cosmochemistry, planetary astronomy, small bodies

Stuart Hameroff


Christopher Hamilton

Planetary surfaces, Volcanology, Astrobiology

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Hamilton Group

Chris Impey

Astrobiology Education and Outreach, Cosmology

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Michael D.L. Johnson

Immunobiology, bacteria, infection, pneumococcus, influenza, copper toxicity, infection protection, infection control

Jonathon Keats

Experimental philosophy, astrobiology, SETI, more-than-human collaborations, arts research

Serena Kim

Astrobiology, star and planet formation, galactic astronomy, circumstellar disk evolution

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Ananya Mallik

Petrology, behavior of volatile elements in magmatic systems, outgassing and formation of secondary atmospheres

Michael Marty

Lipoprotein nanodiscs, mass spectrometry, biophysics, chemical biology

Joanna Masel

Early life, protein evolution, evolutionary theory

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Isamu Matsuyama

Planetary interiors, Theoretical modeling

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Ken McAllister

Applied and digital humanities, history of technology, high performance computing in the humanities

Alfred McEwen

Astrobiology, lunar studies, planetary geophysics, surfaces, geology, volcanism, impact cratering, slope processes

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Pranabendu Moitra

Planetary interiors, rheology of multiphase magma, magma generation

Ilaria Pascucci

Astrobiology, exoplanets, planetary astronomy, planetary formation and evolution

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Pascucci Website

Michael Phillips

Astrobiology, Planetary Analogs, Planetary Surfaces, Planetary Geology

Edward Prather

STEM inclusion, equity, diversity, pedagogy, universe exploration

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Sukrit Ranjan

Astrobiology, early Earth, exoplanets, planetary formation and evolution, origin of life

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Ranjan Website

George H. Rieke

Galactic astronomy and star formation, astronomy education, cosmology

Marcia J. Rieke

Distant galaxies, exoplanets, infrared light sensors, Milky Way, galactic nuclei

Tyler Robinson

Exoplanets, planetary formation and evolution

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Everett Schlawin

Exoplanets, extra-solar planets, atmospheres, planet composition

Yancy Shirley

Astrobiology, star and planet formation, interstellar medium, astrochemistry

Neville Woolf

Astrobiology, galactic astronomy and star formation, instrumentation

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Roger Yelle

Planetary atmospheres, Exoplanets

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Yelle Website

Tom Zega

Astrobiology, cosmochemistry, planetary materials

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Lucy Ziurys

Astrobiology, astrochemistry, chemical physics

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Ziurys Group