The University of Arizona


Astronomy and Planetary Sciences
Olivier Guyon - Adaptive Optics, Astronomical Instrumentation
Josh Eisner - Interferometry, Protoplanetary Disks
DeWayne Halfen - Cosmochemistry, Star Formation
Phillip Hinz - Exoplanets, Astronomical Instrumentation
Chris Impey - Astrobiology Education and Outreach, Cosmology
Jinyoung Serena Kim - Star formation
Dante Lauretta - Cosmochemistry, OSIRIS-REx PI
Ilaria Pascucci - Protoplanetary Disks, Planet Formation
Glenn Schneider - Debris Disks
Andrew Skemer - Exoplanet imaging
Neville Woolf - Astrochemistry, Origin of life
Tom Zega - Cosmochemistry, Planetary Materials
Lucy Ziurys - Astrochemistry, Radio Astronomy
Biology and Biochemistry 
Ryan Gutenkunst - Cell signaling and population genetics
Virginia Rich - microbial responses to anthropogenic changes
Shane Snyder - Contaminants and emerging water systems
Lucy Ziurys - Astrochemistry, Radio Astronomy


Joellen Russel - Biogeochemical Dynamics

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